Stuffed Animals of the World

Two brothers share their stuffed animals with the world.



This is me on the job for the Monkey Bars for Charity project.







P.S. I am a male model. My name is not important, but it’s Hugo.



My name is Pelly. I am a pelican. I eat fish. I am not constipated. Let that be a lesson to you. Never, never go near a sick pelican. Because of his explosive bowels, you may get injured.

Anyway, I live in a straw hut. Did I mention it is in Jamaica? It is nice, only not too many pelicans live there, I think. My friends are: Crunch and Chuck. I have an X-box 360. It is like my only worldly possession except for my smoothie blender. I like to read Sheepish Duck.

Did I mention that dragons scare me? Let that be a lesson to you.

Blueberry Pancake

No one knows the facts of my life so I’ll just not say anything.

Husk Must Run

(pant, pant)

Wow, that was an exhausting run! Geeze, Bill. You have to make the sled go a little bit slower next time.

Bill is my Musher, he makes us go pretty fast, which gets irritating. He doesn’t even supply free Gatorade!

Man, I wish I was on Bob’s sled team. He gives out free Gatorade every day. Could YOU give me some Gatorade by any chance? Or water? Or milk? Or any kind of liquid that isn’t acid? Or maybe even acid if I’m that thirsty…it depends on how long our course will be.

Bob also supplies free winter coats. (And Bill doesn’t.) But I shouldn’t be asking you for that…or SHOULD I?!

Crunch Attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, wow! Chuck, wasn’t that a great horror movie? Aren’t my trousers so darn stylish?

Chuck Attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me want wood. Me will kill for wood.

Ooh, sorry about that! I’m still a little freaked out from that horror movie I saw at Crunch’s last night. Believe me, I peed in my pants five times! Which meant five changes! Which meant wearing five pairs of Crunch’s ugly trousers–they’re so darn scratchy!

Well, all you need to know is that I like wood. Which you already know from when I freaked out…oh, don’t remind me of that stupid horror movie…it really wasn’t that bad. Crunch’s pants were by far the worst part.

Anyway, yeah. Crunch is my friend. Well, he does have terrible taste. He wears those cruddy pants. Oh! Don’t remind me of those…they’ll give me nightmares!

Hey, I heard that! I’m not a sissy, Crunch! At least I didn’t have to POOP in my pants.

In the Bedroom

I Got the Bling Bling, Yaw!

Photo 2Huh, huh, huh! Throw me some iceberg.

Yo! Yo! My name is Ice Cream! And I like to do the tango. Hahaha, chung chung chung chung! Hahaha, chung chung chung chung! Hahaha, chung chung chung chung!

Yo! Yo! Cigarette people, of the world! I’m the biggest fan of cigarettes. Give me cigarettes!



Woof Woof (by Butter)

Photo 2Woof woof. Woof woof is tasty.

Woof woof makes BAAAA noise. Woof woof woof woof woof.


Woof end.

Yo Yo I’m Moose Moose’s Brother and My Name is Moosemoose Motorcycle

Photo 3Hey, dude. Don’t think you’re looking at the same person again. Because you aren’t. So, anyway. Hey. Does anyone want to get some Pepsi?

Uhhhh. So. I’m trying to be cool. And I got the bling-bling. Yaaaaaaw!

So. Heyyyy. Uh. So. Get some cigars for me. So. Give me some $4! Wait…so. Please give me money. Every year, I get a penny. I’ll feel rich if I get $22. Even though that’s not even CLOSE to $2000. Dollars! Uhhh.